The path to resilient agriculture in Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean and New Zealand

Accelerating progress through cooperation. “He waka eke noa”





Future provision of animal protein (meat and dairy) is today one of the most widely discussed topics in the world order. Meat and milk supply chains are vital for Latin America, the Caribbean and New Zealand.

Seeking to support increasingly resilient, sustainable and inclusive livestock farming and highlighting the importance of investment in science and innovation and the promotion of inter-institutional collaboration, FONTAGRO, IICA, the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases and the Government of New Zealand open the dialogue and invite sector leaders to share their points of view.



1:00 PM (EST)


First Section

International cooperation models for agriculture in LAC and New Zealand.
Mr. Hayden Montgomery, Special Representative for the GRA
Dr. Eugenia Saini, Executive Secretary, FONTAGRO.


Second Section

Ministerial Discussion.
Dr. Manuel Otero, Director General, IICA. Moderator.
Participating countries:
Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay.


Soil Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Uruguay – Argentina – Chile – Colombia – Costa Rica
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Agtech for Climate-Smart Dairy

Argentina – Costa Rica – Honduras – República Dominicana – Uruguay
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Innovation for Pasture Management

Uruguay – Argentina – Costa Rica – Estados Unidos
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Sustainable Intensification of Legume-Based Livestock Systems

Argentina – Chile – Dominican Republic – Ecuador – Nicaragua – Paraguay – Uruguay – Brazil
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Greenhouse Gases Emissions Andean Region

Peru – Bolivia – Colombia – Ecuador
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Climate Change and Livestock

New Zeland – Uruguay – Argentina – Chile – Colombia – Dominican Republic
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